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Kingston Gazillions E-Liquid 100ml

Kingston Gazillions E-Liquid 100ml

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Kingston Gazillions E-Liquid 100ml

Elevate your vaping experience with Kingston Gazillions E-Liquid 100ml, a tantalizing blend of fruity and bubblegum notes that promises to be your next favourite flavour. Dive into a refreshing sensation with every exhale, making this range a must-try for those who appreciate a full fruity taste with a bubblegum hit. Each bottle contains 100ml of E-Liquid, providing ample room for 2 x 10ml Nicotine Shots (Nic Shots) to create a personalised 120ml E-Liquid with 3mg strength. 



Fruity Bubblegum Twist: Enjoy a refreshing full fruity taste with a delightful bubblegum hit.

Customizable Strength: Add 2 x 10ml Nicotine Shots to create 120ml of E-Liquid with 3mg strength.

Generous 100ml Size: Each bottle provides ample e-liquid for an extended vaping experience.

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