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Blue Raspberry by Grenade 100ml

Blue Raspberry by Grenade 100ml

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Blue Raspberry by Grenade 100ml

Taste the sweet blue raspberry flavour explosion with these grenade shortfill flavours.

Blue Raspberry by Grenade is a blue slushy with tangy raspberries and a subtle yet sophisticated hint of blueberry. Enjoy a blast that was created in the past with an inhale of blue raspberry. Exhale and smell the sweet raspberry in a dreamy cloud. Lift your day up with a blast that feels right.

This great E-Liquid is mixed with Blue Raspberries to give it an extra sweet kick.

Blue raspberry E-Liquid is part of the Grenade 100ml range- If you love a juicy blue raspberry flavour blend then this is the juice for you. Succulent and smooth without being overpowering, with a juicy blue raspberry flavour blend notes lingering on. Expertly crafted completely in the UK by E-Juice Warehouse. High VG and low nicotine blends are used to produce bigger and better vape clouds and extra flavour.



UK Made

0mg Nicotine

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