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Blue Raspberry Slush By Slushiee 100ml

Blue Raspberry Slush By Slushiee 100ml

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Blue Raspberry Slush

Blue Raspberry Slush E Liquid 100ml brings together the slushed up taste of blue raspberries along with the sweet juicy flavour of the raspberries with an ice cold koolada for a refreshing sweet icy finish.

An incredibly popular flavour, the Blue Raspberry Slush High VG Short Fill e Liquid is cool, fresh and incredibly fruity. Raspberry and blueberry combine, offering a sweet raspberry treat that is complemented by the tart blueberry essence. Everybody loves an iced Blue Slush.  The perfect drink when the weather is baking hot and you need something super sweet and cool to keep you feeling good.  Well, this Mix Juice Blue Raspberry Slush is no different.

Talking of big vape clouds, if cloud chasing is your thing this could definitely be just the ejuice for you as this is a high VG e liquid and as such is perfect for helping you produce some seriously good flavour infused vape clouds. Popular with dripping liquid enthusiasts, sub ohm vapers and even those starting out on the road to vape cloud experimentation; high VG is clearly the way to go.

Being a short fill e liquid you will find that each bottle of Blue Raspberry Slush contains nicotine free e liquid and a space at the top of the bottle ready and waiting for you to add your own nicotine shot, at whatever strength level you prefer. This is the perfect way to enjoy your favourite flavours at whatever nicotine level works best for you.

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