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Captain Cosmic Heroes by Ultimate 100ml

Captain Cosmic Heroes by Ultimate 100ml

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The most Heroic range we have ever created is here. Ultimate E-liquid Heroes is an absolutely legendary range with a variety of flavours to choose from. Every superhero is different and our flavours each have their own superpower. Some of them will surprise you with their fruitiness, some of them will attack you with their sweetness but what unites them the most apart from being heroes is their powerful flavour. Stand strong with our Ultimate E-liquid Heroes and say no to cheap, bland vape juice once and for all. Choose your hero and join the fight for the greater good or maybe try going into the dark side? Our heroes are constantly fighting the Ultimate E-liquid Villains so you will have to pick your side wisely. Let’s see which side will gain more support! 

Complete list of Ultimate E-liquid Heroes flavours

    • Storm Surge – Pungent ripe raspberries with the perfect helping of pear and mixed berries, a pure surge of heroism.

    • Mystic Sorceress – A magical mix of strawberries and cream. The perfect sweet, fruity and creamy mix created by magic!

    • Atomic Blonde  – Atomic Lemons, crushed digestive biscuit with a creamy finish, a superb lemon blondie mix.

    • Captain Cosmic – Tropical mangos, Sweet guava and punchy pineapple, combined to make a truly cosmic all day vape.

    • Mecha Man – Tart and zingy cranberries, juicy mangos and zesty orange smashed together by the muscles of Mecha Man.

    • Night Howler – The darkest grapes and juicy red watermelon crushed to make the perfect e-liquid that will make you howl for more.

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