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Cherry Sherbet by Vampire Blood 50ml

Cherry Sherbet by Vampire Blood 50ml

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Vampire Blood Cherry Sherbet E liquid 50%VG – 50ml 

Vampire Blood Cherry Sherbet Vape Juice is produced in a 50/50 VG (vegetable glycerin) to PG (propylene glycol) e liquid ratio and filled in 60ml bottles, meaning that it is ideal for flavour cravers and flavour chasers alike. The high Vegetable Glycerin content produces excellent thick clouds of vapour.

Vampire Blood is one of the popular UK made e liquid brands, with a range of 27 flavours from sweet to menthol. V Blood takes safety and quality seriously; therefore, it is a trusted UK brand. They are using only high-quality ingredients for their vape juices at a great price, and these are worth trying! 

About the Vampire Blood Cherry Sherbet Vape Juice:

Cherry Sherbet Vape Juice is a perfect blend of cherry mixed with V Blood’s secret flavour.

This unique flavour is perfect for vapers, who love the freshness and smooth taste of Cherry. Above this, Vampire Blood has the perfect PG/VG ratio to create a lot of vapour without missing a gentle throat hit. If you want to have an authentic vaping experience, this e liquid might be the best decision for you!

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