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Cranberry Sauce by Ultimate Puff Christmas 120ml

Cranberry Sauce by Ultimate Puff Christmas 120ml

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Cranberry Sauce by Ultimate Puff Christmas 120ml

Cranberry Sauce - For a limited time only Ultimate Puff have brought out a Xmas range with your favourite sweet treats, just like grandma used to make.


Product Origin: UK
Bottle Size: 120ml (100ml of liquid)
Brand: Ultimate Puff
Juice Mix: 70% VG / 30% PG

Those with a sweet tooth are sure to fall in love with the options available in the Ultimate Puff sherbet range, featuring the refreshing tastes of Apple & Mango, Cherry, Lemon, Rainbow, Raspberry and Strawberry Laces, guaranteed to take your senses to sunnier days. Alternatively, the Ultimate Puff chilled range is perfect for those opting for a cooler sensation with their next vape experience, and for vapers looking for retro flavours of the good old days, check out the Ultimate Puff candy drops selection. Fancy shaking it up? The Ultimate Puff shakes collection has plenty of options to satisfy any mood, so no matter whether you fancy chocolate, vanilla or banana shake, or something more out there, they've got your back!

The Ultimate Puff isn’t called Ultimate for nothing, as every option packs a punch and will leave you wanting more. Delivering delicious flavours with every puff, mix it up and find your new fix today. This outstanding range put the fun back into your vaping experience, with plenty of options to keep you going. As the original creators they provide the best Ultimate Puff UK has to offer, Ultimate Juice won’t disappoint.

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