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Doozy Temptations E-Liquid 100ml

Doozy Temptations E-Liquid 100ml

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Introducing Doozy Temptations E-Liquid 100ml, a range of irresistible flavours that will satisfy your cravings. Each 100ml shortfill bottle is packed with deliciousness, providing a vaping experience like no other.

Indulge in the heavenly taste of Strawberry Milk By Doozy Temptations. This silky and smooth blend combines sweet strawberries, clotted cream, and a splash of milk, creating plumes of happiness with every puff.
Experience pure delight with Muffin Delight By Doozy Temptations. This gorgeously soft and scrumptious muffin is infused with sweet fruity notes and a hint of cinnamon. It's a flavour explosion that will leave your taste buds wanting more.
Indulge your sweet tooth with Ice Cream Cake By Doozy Temptations. This delectable treat features scoops of vanilla ice cream sandwiched between layers of soft spongy cake, topped with sprinkles. It's a truly irresistible combination that will have you coming back for seconds.
Transport yourself to tea time with Jam Tart By Doozy Temptations. Imagine butter dough pastry combined with a sweet yet tart blueberry jam. It's a classic flavour that perfectly complements your favourite hot beverage.
For a truly heavenly combination, try Banana Split By Doozy Temptations. This velvety smooth blend combines sweet banana and vanilla ice cream, creating a vape experience that is simply divine.
Experience the ultimate temptation with Doozy Temptations E-Liquid 100ml. These shortfill bottles are designed to provide maximum satisfaction, ensuring you never run out of your favourite flavours. Treat yourself to a world of deliciousness and indulge in these mouth-watering creations.

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