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Falcon Mini Bubble Glass Replacement 1pk

Falcon Mini Bubble Glass Replacement 1pk

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Falcon Bubble Glass (4ML)

The essential replacement glass for Falcon King kits. Stay in the vaping game with the convenience of using the same Falcon King replacement coils, including the beloved Falcon King M1+ coils, M1 60-80 watt coils, M2 70-80 watt coils, M-Triple 80-85 watts, F1 70-90 watt coils, and F3 spare coils. This versatile Falcon King bubble glass is designed to accommodate E-Liquids, making it compatible with a wide range of shortfill brands and flavours.



Wide Coil Compatibility: This bubble glass is designed to fit multiple Falcon King coil variants, providing flexibility for different vaping preferences and styles.

High VG E-Liquid Ready: With the ability to handle e-liquids with a VG content of 70% or more, this glass is perfect for accommodating popular shortfill brands and high VG e-liquids.

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