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Innokin iSub Coils (Pack of 5)

Innokin iSub Coils (Pack of 5)

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Innokin iSub Coil Replacements (Pack of 5)

Immerse yourself in the reliability of Innokin iSub vape coils, ideal for iSub and iSub G tanks. The innovative ‘no spill coil swap system’ ensures effortless replacements, while the built-in 510 pin connector simplifies the process. Crafted with 100% organic Japanese cotton wick, these coils cater to both Direct-to-Lung (DTL) and Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vaping, offering resistances of 0.2 Ohm, 0.5 Ohm, and 2.0 Ohm.

Compatible with various e-liquids, these coils deliver enhanced flavour and reduced break-in time. For optimal performance, pair the sub ohm coils with high VG e-liquids (60% and above) and the 2.0 Ohm coils with high PG e-liquids (50% and above).



No Spill Coil Swap System: Effortlessly replace coils with the innovative ‘no spill’ design.

Built-In 510 Pin Connector: Simplifies the coil replacement process for user convenience.

Organic Japanese Cotton Wick: Ensures enhanced flavour and reduced break-in time.

Versatile Resistance Options: 0.2 Ohm, 0.5 Ohm, and 2.0 Ohm for both DTL and MTL vaping.

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