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Mango By TenTen 100ML Shortfill

Mango By TenTen 100ML Shortfill

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Mango By TenTen 100ML Shortfill

Mango E-Liquid is for you if you enjoy mango vape juice but also want an extra chill burst. to make you feel as though you are sipping on a cool glass of mango juice. Mango Ice E-Liquid is ideal for hot summer days because it combines exotic fruit with a subtle ice chill.

There is a 100ml bottle of mango available.

Mango functions best in high-wattage equipment.

100% Genuine Premium manufactured E-liquid that high-wattage pertly blended to create flavours that are out of this world!

Delivers a rich flavour and is appropriate for all mod devices or in high wattage devices, ensuring you have a wonderful vaping experience.

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