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Nevoks Feelin A1 Pods 2ml Replacement

Nevoks Feelin A1 Pods 2ml Replacement

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Nevoks Feelin A1 Pods 2ml Replacement

The Nevoks Feelin A1 Pods 2ml Replacement, designed for the Feelin A1 pod kit. These refillable pods offer an exceptional vaping experience, catering to MTL, DTL, and RDTL preferences based on your chosen pod resistance. With a leak-proof design and options for side-filling or top-filling, these pods make refilling hassle-free. Featuring long-lasting mesh coils, they ensure quick and even heating for enhanced flavour. The adjustable airflow slider, combined with four air inlet holes on the pod’s base, allows you to fine-tune your inhale. We offer these quality replacement pods at wholesale prices, perfect for retail shops looking for affordable, high-quality vape products.



Leak-Proof Design: Nevoks Feelin A1 Pods are engineered to prevent leaks, ensuring a mess-free vaping experience.

Versatile Vaping: These pods support MTL, DTL, and RDTL vaping styles, providing options for every vaper’s preference.

Multiple Refilling Options: Choose between side-filling or top-filling ports, making it easy to replenish your e-liquid.

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