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Premade Coils Ni80 7 in 1 42pcs

Premade Coils Ni80 7 in 1 42pcs

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Premade Coils Ni80 7 in 1 42pcs

Introducing the Dovpo Premade Coils Ni80 7 in 1 42pcs – an essential addition to your vape wholesale inventory. This comprehensive set offers an impressive 42 pre-built coils, spanning a variety of coil types to cater to all vaping preferences. From the well-known Fused Clapton to the intriguing Chain Link coils, you’ll have the freedom to experiment with different builds, ensuring a perfect fit for your retail shop’s diverse customer base. Organized in an attractive, compartmentalized package, this product ensures easy storage and accessibility, making it a convenient choice for your bulk vape products needs.



Versatile Coil Selection: With 42 coils in one set, this collection encompasses a wide range of coil types, offering something for every vaper’s taste.

Ni80 Material: Crafted from Ni80, these coils provide excellent performance and rapid heating, enhancing the vaping experience.

Ideal for Experimentation: Perfect for customers who enjoy trying different coil builds, from standard to more unique options.

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