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Strawberry Watermelon By TenTen 100ML Shortfill

Strawberry Watermelon By TenTen 100ML Shortfill

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Strawberry You must taste watermelon to believe in its tantalising blast of fruit flavour. Full of sweet, juicy strawberries, the sweetness is softened by delicate, cool watermelon.

In a 100ml bottle, you can buy Strawberry Watermelon. In a higher voltage device, strawberry watermelon works best.

Available in 0mg Strawberry Watermelon

Professionally combined to create flavours that are out of this world, 100% Genuine Premium manufactured E-liquid!

Delivers a robust flavour and is ideal for any mod devices or high-wattage devices, ensuring a superb vaping experience.

Produced in an ISO Class 8 Certified Clean-Room under the rules and regulations of a qualified management system that has been certified to ISO 9001:2015 by BRC Certified Manufacturers that have a solid track record in the food sector!

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