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USB Ego Charger

USB Ego Charger

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Ego USB Charger

Ego USB Charger designed for discerning retailers. Our next-generation chargers are engineered to charge batteries at the highest possible speed, ensuring your customers are back to vaping in no time when their battery runs flat. Crafted exclusively for use with Ego and Evod batteries, our Ego USB chargers are your go-to solution for reliable, fast, and cost-effective power replenishment.



Ultra Charge Technology: Our chargers are equipped with Ultra Charge technology, allowing for quick and efficient battery replenishment.

Enhanced Battery Lifespan: By charging at the highest possible speed, we maximize the longevity of your batteries, providing value to both you and your customers.

Specifically Designed: Our Ego chargers are purpose-built to be used with Ego and Evod batteries, ensuring compatibility and reliability.

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