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Vaporesso Luxe X & XR Bundle

Vaporesso Luxe X & XR Bundle

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Vaporesso Luxe X & XR Bundle

Vaporesso Luxe X & XR Bundle for vape wholesale, delivering unbeatable value to retail shops. This twin pack includes two state-of-the-art pod devices that seamlessly combine futuristic design with exceptional flavour delivery. The Vaporesso Luxe X & Luxe XR Bundle is a testament to innovation, offering retailers an attractive and easy-to-sell option. These devices are perfect for customers who desire both style and taste in their vaping experience. Experience the best of Vaporesso’s technology and design in this bundle, making it an excellent addition to your vape product offerings.



Flavour Excellence: Enjoy premium flavour production, ensuring your customers have a satisfying vaping experience.

Easy-to-Use: These pod devices are user-friendly, making them suitable for both beginners and experienced vapers.

Dual Device: With two devices in one bundle, customers receive outstanding value for their money.

Vaporesso Quality: Known for their quality, Vaporesso products are trusted by vapers worldwide.

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