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Vaproesso QF Coils (3pcs)

Vaproesso QF Coils (3pcs)

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Vaporesso QF Coils (3pcs)

Elevate your vaping experience with Vaporesso QF Coils (3pcs), meticulously crafted for SKRR Tank, Luxe Kit, and Gen Kit. These sub-ohm coils boast a 0.15 or 0.2 Ohm resistance, ensuring an optimal sub-ohm vaping performance. Engineered with Flex Fibre Organic Cotton Wicks, these coils not only deliver crystal-clear flavour but also extend the coil lifespan. Compatible with high VG e-liquids, these coils cater to the demands of discerning vapers.


Flex Fibre Organic Cotton Wicks: Immerse yourself in rich, clear flavour thanks to the advanced Flex Fibre Organic Cotton Wicks, ensuring a premium vaping experience.

Sub Ohm Coils: Designed for sub-ohm vaping, these coils deliver robust clouds and intense flavour, catering to enthusiasts seeking a powerful vaping experience.

Compatible with High VG E-liquids: Versatile and accommodating, these coils are compatible with high VG e-liquids, allowing users to explore a wide range of flavours and vapour production.


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