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VooPoo TPP Replacement Pods

VooPoo TPP Replacement Pods

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Voopoo TPP Pods

Introducing Voopoo TPP Pods, the ideal choice for retailers seeking top-quality vape products in bulk. Compatible with Voopoo’s renowned Drag X, Drag X Plus, and Drag 3 vape kits, these pod tanks offer an exceptional vaping experience. Designed for convenience and minimal mess, the Voopoo TPP Pod tank hybrid delivers maximum flavour and impressive clouds, especially when paired with Voopoo’s groundbreaking TPP coils. These coils incorporate Voopoo’s patented technology, expanding the atomisation area within the coils and enhancing heating speed, ensuring an unmatched vaping journey for your customers. Elevate your vape wholesale business with Voopoo TPP Pods.



Compatibility: Voopoo TPP Pods are specifically designed for Drag X, Drag X Plus, and Drag 3 vape kits, ensuring seamless integration and an excellent fit for your retail customers.

Flavour and Clouds: These pods are engineered to provide maximum flavour and impressive cloud production, guaranteeing a satisfying vaping experience for your clients.

TPP Coils: Voopoo’s revolutionary TPP coils incorporate patented technology, enhancing the atomisation area within the coils and improving heating speed. This results in superior performance and a more enjoyable vape.

Convenience: The Voopoo TPP Pod tank is user-friendly and mess-free, simplifying the vaping process for your customers.

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